Tag: Soup

April 23 / Recipes

Let’s grab some Vietnamese! If this invokes any imagery at all for you, then it is probably of a steaming hot, intensely flavourful bowl of Nirvana-transporting noodle soup. Originating in the late 19th century, this part Oriental inspiration, part French … Continue reading

December 26 / Recipes

New Year’s will forever go hand in hand with this dazzling delicacy from the deep. At least it will for me. My first bisque was the product of true guerrilla cooking by a team of Chef-Guevara Swedes in Landskrona, southwest … Continue reading

September 7 / Recipes

This household favourite may well claim to be the best soup ever designed by a two year-old. Part of Nina’s bath time is dedicated to preparing delicacies from her bath bubbles that Sara and I are often requested to … Continue reading