Tag: Chilli

May 28 / Reviews

Pepper spraying an entire apartment full of dinner guests is a dramatic way to demonstrate the powerful effect of capsaicin on the tear glands and respiratory tract. Capsaicin is of course the mischievous chemical responsible for watery eyes, hiccups, and … Continue reading

May 24 / Recipes

This week we follow in the scorching footsteps of our previous post, keeping the heat up and turning a smoky gaze to the darlings of Asian and South American cookings – chilli peppers. If you wince in pain at the … Continue reading

February 27 / Recipes

Grilled salmon resides eternally in the upper echelon of unbeatables, along with The Matrix, the early 90s Blue Jays, and any video with Rob Ford in it. This week passion fruit is on sale at our IGA, so I took … Continue reading