Tag: Chicken

April 23 / Recipes

Let’s grab some Vietnamese! If this invokes any imagery at all for you, then it is probably of a steaming hot, intensely flavourful bowl of Nirvana-transporting noodle soup. Originating in the late 19th century, this part Oriental inspiration, part French … Continue reading

July 14 / Recipes

The only thing hotter, smellier and stickier than these drool-drizzled brochettes is the entire island of Montreal during barbecue season. But when the thick air inside your cramped apartment still isn’t heavy enough to muffle the cries of a newborn … Continue reading

September 7 / Recipes

This household favourite may well claim to be the best soup ever designed by a two year-old. Part of Nina’s bath time is dedicated to preparing delicacies from her bath bubbles that Sara and I are often requested to … Continue reading