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May 18 / Uncategorized

400 submissions to the Jarlsberg Canada recipe contest and 12 finalists. Of course, I wouldn’t be telling you if I wasn’t one of them. If you want to see $1500 worth of shiny Le Creuset kitchenware in the next recipe … Continue reading

April 2 / Recipes

When I was 13 years old I spent three turbulent months spun about in a maelstrom of foreign language and culture during a student exchange in Strasbourg. At the best of times my life was a leaky boat, and I … Continue reading

January 27 / Research

Why should a dish as familiar as macaroni and cheese be placed under the culinary microscope? Precisely because it is such a staple of our gastronomic repertoire. I wager that almost all of you have made macaroni and cheese at … Continue reading