February 27 / Recipes

Grilled salmon resides eternally in the upper echelon of unbeatables, along with The Matrix, the early 90s Blue Jays, and any video with Rob Ford in it. This week passion fruit is on sale at our IGA, so I took … Continue reading

February 25 / Recipes

Steeped in the wisdom of centuries of Celtic kitchen tradition, this is a St. Patrick’s Day classic that is as Irish as a red-headed leprechaun. Maybe not, but that is what is going to pop up on Google indexing. In … Continue reading

February 12 / Recipes

I really pulled out all the pun-stops to come up with a sickeningly internetified name for our very first themed post. Not content to be merely witty, I worked my fingers to the bone to present a masterful yet delicious … Continue reading

February 5 / Recipes
January 27 / Research

Why should a dish as familiar as macaroni and cheese be placed under the culinary microscope? Precisely because it is such a staple of our gastronomic repertoire. I wager that almost all of you have made macaroni and cheese at … Continue reading

January 16 / Recipes
December 26 / Recipes

New Year’s will forever go hand in hand with this dazzling delicacy from the deep. At least it will for me. My first bisque was the product of true guerrilla cooking by a team of Chef-Guevara Swedes in Landskrona, southwest … Continue reading

December 14 / Recipes

There are three gustatory winter holiday indicators for me: glögg, fondue, and airplane dinners. Fondue is for candle-lit, snowy evenings with close friends and family, glögg is for boozy, midday company Christmas parties, and airplane dinners are for weary travels … Continue reading

December 8 / Recipes

Crimson saffron and delicate sifted sugar combine in true Santa fashion to give this delicious Swedish holiday favourite. Despite living in Sweden for almost seven years, it wasn’t until just before leaving Scandinavia that I tried my hand at these … Continue reading

December 3 / Research

I am obsessed with latte art. Sadly, it is probably because I am so awful at it that I have such an unhealthy attachment to the barista sport of pouring steamed milk into espresso. While there is no mystery behind … Continue reading