April 29 / Reviews

When a discussion weighs in on the merits of one of the world’s most widely consumed beverages, I think that a modicum of science is rightly called for. Then again, I am quite liberal with my modicums of science, so … Continue reading

April 22 / Recipes

An entirely simple, entirely quaint, and entirely satisfying Easter bread lightly flavoured with a hint of nutty almond. Better late than never is the motto as we head into May without a single holiday themed post, so I am bringing … Continue reading

April 22 / Reviews

It’s tough nowadays to speak about gluten without wincing, so demonized it has become in our collective consciousness. Admitting to having gluten in your home is like admitting to harbouring a paedophile, to the extent where even bacon now comes Continue reading

April 13 / Reviews

Why do we add a squeeze of lemon juice to freshly sliced fruit salad? And what happens when we age tea leaves? Both answers have their roots in the same phenomenon – enzymatic browning.

Food turns brown for several … Continue reading

April 11 / Recipes

If you could encapsulate the essence of Canadian cuisine in a single dish, this would probably be it. More than any other, Canada is a place where menus are as varied in language as they are in entrees. This country … Continue reading

April 2 / Recipes

When I was 13 years old I spent three turbulent months spun about in a maelstrom of foreign language and culture during a student exchange in Strasbourg. At the best of times my life was a leaky boat, and I … Continue reading

March 17 / Reviews

Having just introduced the first member of the non-enzymatic browning reaction duo, caramelisation, the stage is set to make the acquaintance of the second, the Maillard reaction (pronounced my-YARD for us English speakers). If you are squinting … Continue reading

March 16 / Recipes

This rich and steamy steak pot pie puts the ultimate finishing touch on what has been a very long and very cold winter. I brushed off the temptation to top these off with puff pastry; an idea that felt at … Continue reading

March 11 / Reviews

Caramelisation is a term that is really bandied about within the cooking world. Caramelised apples, onions, carrots, sugar, vinegar – we have all heard it, but when it comes to understanding it where exactly are we? I have put together … Continue reading

March 11 / Recipes

When the smell of this bubbling fudge winds forth from the kitchen you will need to be armed with a taser and cattle prod to keep your children off the stove. In Canada it is “cabane à sucre” season so … Continue reading