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Separating the wheat from the chaff. Little baker’s pun, there.

September 5 / Reviews

The plants of the genus Allium are some of the most prevalent and recognisable in cooking. Have you chopped an onion lately? Pressed some garlic? Sliced a leek? Then you have been availing yourself of one of Mother Nature’s … Continue reading

May 28 / Reviews

Pepper spraying an entire apartment full of dinner guests is a dramatic way to demonstrate the powerful effect of capsaicin on the tear glands and respiratory tract. Capsaicin is of course the mischievous chemical responsible for watery eyes, hiccups, and … Continue reading

April 29 / Reviews

When a discussion weighs in on the merits of one of the world’s most widely consumed beverages, I think that a modicum of science is rightly called for. Then again, I am quite liberal with my modicums of science, so … Continue reading

April 22 / Reviews

It’s tough nowadays to speak about gluten without wincing, so demonized it has become in our collective consciousness. Admitting to having gluten in your home is like admitting to harbouring a paedophile, to the extent where even bacon now comes Continue reading

April 13 / Reviews

Why do we add a squeeze of lemon juice to freshly sliced fruit salad? And what happens when we age tea leaves? Both answers have their roots in the same phenomenon – enzymatic browning.

Food turns brown for several … Continue reading

March 17 / Reviews

Having just introduced the first member of the non-enzymatic browning reaction duo, caramelisation, the stage is set to make the acquaintance of the second, the Maillard reaction (pronounced my-YARD for us English speakers). If you are squinting … Continue reading

March 11 / Reviews

Caramelisation is a term that is really bandied about within the cooking world. Caramelised apples, onions, carrots, sugar, vinegar – we have all heard it, but when it comes to understanding it where exactly are we? I have put together … Continue reading