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Yup, it’s a recipe! Nobody said science couldn’t be tasty – try your hand at turning tiny molecules into giant successes in the kitchen.

April 23 / Recipes

Let’s grab some Vietnamese! If this invokes any imagery at all for you, then it is probably of a steaming hot, intensely flavourful bowl of Nirvana-transporting noodle soup. Originating in the late 19th century, this part Oriental inspiration, part French … Continue reading

October 31 / Recipes

I regard autumn as the pinnacle of visual wonderment in the farmer’s markets of Canada. Lane upon lane of ochre, sienna, and crimson fruits and vegetables instantly fill me with a childlike, storybook glee, reminding me of chilly adventures in … Continue reading

September 6 / Recipes

The fragrant, hidden markets and passageways of Istanbul became my inspiration for this dish. I absolutely shamelessly gorged myself on lamb and pide, Turkish pita bread, during an unforgettable trip to Europe’s southern tip with my sister a few … Continue reading

July 14 / Recipes

The only thing hotter, smellier and stickier than these drool-drizzled brochettes is the entire island of Montreal during barbecue season. But when the thick air inside your cramped apartment still isn’t heavy enough to muffle the cries of a newborn … Continue reading

May 24 / Recipes

This week we follow in the scorching footsteps of our previous post, keeping the heat up and turning a smoky gaze to the darlings of Asian and South American cookings – chilli peppers. If you wince in pain at the … Continue reading

May 19 / Recipes

When I want to convince people that I spent a year living rootless and free in the mystical cities and villages of Thailand this is the dish I triumphantly throw down as proof. This rich and heavily perfumed curry has … Continue reading

April 22 / Recipes

An entirely simple, entirely quaint, and entirely satisfying Easter bread lightly flavoured with a hint of nutty almond. Better late than never is the motto as we head into May without a single holiday themed post, so I am bringing … Continue reading

April 11 / Recipes

If you could encapsulate the essence of Canadian cuisine in a single dish, this would probably be it. More than any other, Canada is a place where menus are as varied in language as they are in entrees. This country … Continue reading

April 2 / Recipes

When I was 13 years old I spent three turbulent months spun about in a maelstrom of foreign language and culture during a student exchange in Strasbourg. At the best of times my life was a leaky boat, and I … Continue reading

March 16 / Recipes

This rich and steamy steak pot pie puts the ultimate finishing touch on what has been a very long and very cold winter. I brushed off the temptation to top these off with puff pastry; an idea that felt at … Continue reading