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  1. Johan Malmberg
    December 19

    Whats the optimal pH for a red wine sauce?


    • Immortal Pestle
      January 6

      Wow – I don’t know if I can give an “optimal” pH for the sauce. I would suggest more of a range that is going to be very much dependent on the wine and other ingredients you are putting into it.

      What is the sauce going to be used for? Most wine reductions form the basis of meat dishes, and the low pH of the wine (between 2.9 and 4.2 on average) is important in a chemical tenderisation of the muscle tissue. Tartaric, malic, lactic, and citric acid break apart proteins such as collagen into smaller pieces and give a softer, more tender character to the meat. In a dessert sauce, I suppose that the acids provide a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of a secondary component – ice cream, biscuit, fruit, etc. I could imagine trying to change the pH and raise it using bicarbonate or some other type of base, but the acids seem so integral to the wine I wonder just what the result would be from a flavour perspective. Please try and let me know!

  2. Johan
    January 8

    I Will have to try. I supose that I can start with a good sauce and taste it at different pH adjusted with acids and bases that are neutral in taste. Would like to know how much the pH contributes.

  3. Beverly Thorne
    June 27

    Hmmm…looks like the Immortal Pestle is very busy these days, no new recipes since May? I wonder if you will have some new “baby food” recipes with a concise explanation of the ingredients which I am sure will be all natural ? Looks like the lady of the house will have a major input .

  4. Immortal Pestle
    July 3

    There will be a new post soon! Not so convinced Ellie is going to be a big fan, though 🙂

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