“One word. Why?”

My high school guidance counsellor has a lot to answer for. Not content to be a scientist, photographer, and teacher, I have decided to add chef and blogger to my list of half successes. I am Alexander Munro, and I am the author of this site.

Immortal Pestle Profile

Despite changing careers a few times, places several times, and ideas many times, I have always maintained an interest in food and science. I can’t possibly imagine doing something that doesn’t involve one or the other, including this blog. Dedicated to everyone interested in the whats and whys of the kitchen, I try to provide a sprinkling of understanding and imagination to the mysteries of the culinary realm. Recipes, reviews and research designed to illustrate the science behind the cooking. Recipes will be the most time-consuming, but the natural laws behind the cooking are always there to serve as guide. One tablespoon of science. Reviews will highlight interesting concepts in kitchen science and provide the theory behind them. Two tablespoons of science. Research goes into much more detail concerning the forces that control our ovens and appetites with intricate reasoning and simple experiments. Three tablespoons of science.

Unless otherwise stated – all the recipes and photography are the property of yours truly.

“Great. I actually don’t care about any of your melodramatic soul searching. I mean why should I care about science if all I want to do is cook?”

Ahem. Yes, well there is a simple answer to that. Science makes you a better cook. A much better cook. There is a reason why the recipe development kitchen of top rated restaurant Noma is called The Science Bunker. Any top chef right now is exceedingly schooled in the new movement known as modernist cuisine, a moniker for the current hi-test blend of chemistry and kitchen. Cooking has climbed out of the darkness of the 20th century thanks to people such as Heston Blumenthal, Herve This, Ferran Adria, and many others. We no longer plunge steaks into pans and marvel at how well we have “sealed in the juices”. Instead, we stand back and admire the Maillard reaction that browns the surface and creates the hearty, flavourful aromas that make our taste buds gasp with delight.

The science presented here is designed to be helpful and fun. I aim to educate, not intimidate, and the format of the recipe posts is intentionally shaped to create healthy understanding as well as tasty food. I welcome any and all feedback. Welcome to Immortal Pestle!


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